Intellus Learning heralded in Campus Technology

In the Campus Technology article, “How Machine Learning is Easing OER Pain Points,” California State University – Fresno’s Director of Center for Faculty Excellence, Bryan Berrett, explains how the school’s pilot of Intellus Learning makes it easy to select quality Open Educational Resource (OER) materials and deliver the content in the school’s Learning Management System (LMS). According to Berrett, “If I am teaching an English course and I have a standard textbook, I can type the ISBN number into Intellus . . . [Intellus Learning] will say here are all the OER resources that are available that match up with the content.”

Intellus Learning empowers instructors to quickly access high-quality open educational resources (OER), as well as their institution’s academic library materials, to help replace expensive course materials while providing powerful, real-time insight into students’ engagement with the assigned content.

Read the full Campus Technology article here.