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Curated, fully customizable courses that make adopting open educational resources (OER) efficient, worry-free and, at $14.99 per course, affordable for students.

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Intellus Open Courses Benefits

Created & Curated

Intellus Open Courses are curated by Macmillan Learning’s editorial teams in partnership with academic subject-matter experts. All content is selected, scaffolded, and reviewed by a team of Macmillan Learning editors, instructors, and compliance experts – saving instructors time and giving them course materials they can trust.

Courses include 10-30 resources per lesson, offering a range of high quality OER and openly-licensed content, including:
• Open eBooks
• Videos & Animations
• Assessments
• Interactives
• Primary Source Materials

Fully Customizable

Instructors can leverage Intellus Learning’s native tools and rich OER repository (6.8 million resources) to quickly add new content and personalize any Open Course to meet their learning objectives. Licensing data is available for each content item so instructors know which open resources can be modified as well.


Through a shareable link.
All Courses are deployed through a shareable link, which instructors can post in their LMS or easily share with students.


Instructors can take advantage of a robust suite of instructor resources in and out of the classroom, including PowerPoint® slides for each lesson, a 500+ question test bank, iClicker student response questions, and on demand support materials.


Via Intellus Learning’s analytics
Smart and transparent alignment: our platform employs powerful analytics to provide real-time reporting on critical data, including student-level content engagement, time-on-task, the content’s influence on learning efficacy, and faculty preferences and priorities. In short, Intellus Learning’s analytics can help identify which students need more support—and help instructors meet each of their students’ unique needs.

Affordable & Retainable

At only $14.99 per student, per course, students can receive and retain vetted, trusted course materials at an affordable price. Those support fees provide ongoing services for instructors and students that include customization tools and services, technical support, and course maintenance. Institutions can license Intellus Open Course and the Intellus Learning platform for students. Alternatively, students can pay course support fees directly through the Macmillan Learning student store. The OER in Intellus Open Courses are available at no cost to everyone, under Creative Commons licenses, on our public website (as courses become fully available). See the list of courses where we publish.

Access OER in Intellus Open Courses
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Courses Available

American Government  •  Anatomy & Physiology  •  College Physics  •  Concepts of Biology  •  Environmental Science  •  General Chemistry 1 & 2  •  Introductory Astronomy  •  Introductory Psychology  •  Introductory Sociology  •  Microbiology  •  Non-Majors Biology  •  Pre-Algebra  •  Principles of Macroeconomics  •  Principles of Microeconomics  •  University Physics  •  US History 1 & 2

…and more coming soon!