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The hunt for free high-quality open educational resources is over. Quickly and easily find supplemental teaching and learning content for your courses—at no cost to you or your students.

Using Intellus Search, you can be confident that the learning resources you use in your courses meet your institution’s accessibility standards and are always available to your students.

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Intellus Search makes curating and using open supplements easy by:

  • Addressing pain points of dead links and accessibility concerns via the link checker and accessibility reports (as compared to Google Scholar for example)
  • Offering a simplified search experience (as compared to OER and academic library aggregators)
  • Making it easy-to-share content links for students, irrespective of platform (e.g., Sapling, OpenStax, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.)
  • Surfacing high-quality teaching and learning content, resulting in rich repositories of discipline-specific content using Intellus’ proprietary algorithms
  • Saving you time and frustration, which are huge stumbling blocks when adopting open resources

And you heard right, searching for resources and sharing them with students is completely free!

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