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High quality content.

Insight into student engagement.

Intellus Learning empowers instructors to quickly access high-quality open educational resources (OER), as well as their institution’s academic library materials to help replace expensive course materials, while providing powerful, real-time insight into students’ engagement with the assigned content.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

Illuminating Digital Impact

High-quality Content

Content from a variety of OER, library, publisher and your institution are united into one index for discovery and use in your courses.

Increase Productivity and Alignment


Develop your course faster and easier with the faculty and instructional designer toolsets. Ensure your course is well-aligned and relevant to students by aligning content and student engagement to learning outcomes.

Empower Student Experiences

Insight into Students’ Engagement with Content

Students engage with content resources, formative assessments, and recommended content within the LMS. Student engagement with assets is tracked at the individual resource level and tracked based on learning objectives.

Why Intellus Learning?

With Intellus Learning faculty and course designers can…

quickly access more than 7.5 million Open Educational Resources (OER), as well as the school’s academic library resources by course topic, publisher textbook’s table of contents, or learning objectives.

respond to institutional and state initiatives to improve affordability of course resources.

gain deeper insight into students’ engagement with assigned course content.

deliver free content to students within the school’s LMS.

Intellus Learning Benefits

Intellus Learning Benefits - Institutions

With Intellus Learning, assigning free content to supplement or replace traditional textbooks has never been easier. Faculty no longer have to scour endless web pages or library sites to find course content. Intellus Learning’s OER and academic library resources are organized by course topic, or by learning objective. Intellus Learning also tracks student engagement with real-time analytics.

Intellus Learning Benefits - Instruction Designers
Instructional Designers

Content cataloging, curation, and publishing tools enable quick discovery and integration of OER and library resources into courses through the school’s LMS. All content is tagged with licensing rights and ADA compliance data. And, our easy-to-use analytics dashboard makes it easy to provide powerful insights into what content is effective, what isn’t working, and which students may be struggling.

Intellus Learning Benefits - Students
Institutions and Systems

By enabling faculty to easily find and deliver high-quality OER and academic library resources in the LMS, Intellus Learning can assist institutions in launching and scaling affordability initiatives that help save their students money by making OER and licensed content more readily available.

And, because Intellus Learning provides deep, real-time insight into the usage of the assigned digital content, not only can faculty determine the extent to which students are engaging with the assigned content, institutions can evaluate the returns on investment of licensed library resources. Institutions can even access custom analytics reports that provide a snapshot of the usage of OER and library resources across campuses and systems.

Intellus Learning Benefits - Faculty

Intellus Learning helps save students money by enabling faculty and course designers to find and assign free OER and library content to replace expensive textbooks. Because Intellus Learning integrates seamlessly in the school’s LMS, students can quickly and easily access the assigned resources.

We work with partners that care

Our tools easily connect institutional content sources with course design. We help institutions’ understand the current value of their resources and eliminate redundancy, while also greatly improving efficiency of faculty course creation. We help great instructors improve student outcomes by accessing the content best aligned with their students’ learning needs.