OER Made Easy

Finding open education resources is easy. Finding the right open education resources is hardSo we thought we’d make it easy.

By creating the largest index of OER resources available, developing algorithms that locate the most relevant resources, and then hiring editorial & subject matter experts to verify the content quality, we’re able to give educators access to free resources, content collections and low-cost courses – making access a reality for every student.

Intellus Open Courses

Curated, fully customizable courses that make adopting open educational resources (OER) efficient, worry-free and, at $14.99 per course, affordable for students.

Intellus Search

The hunt for free high-quality resources is over. Quickly and easily find supplemental teaching and learning content for your courses—at no cost to you or your students.

Our Impact

Illuminating Digital Impact

High-quality Content

Content from a variety of OER, library, publisher and your institution are united into one index for discovery and use in your courses.

Increase Productivity and Alignment


Develop your course faster and easier with the faculty and instructional designer toolsets. Ensure your course is well-aligned and relevant to students by aligning content and student engagement to learning outcomes.

Empower Student Experiences

Insight into Students’ Engagement with Content

Students engage with content resources, formative assessments, and recommended content within the LMS. Student engagement with assets is tracked at the individual resource level and tracked based on learning objectives.

Intellus Learning Benefits

Intellus Learning Benefits - Faculty

Intellus Learning helps save students money by enabling faculty and course designers to find and assign free OER and affordable courses to replace expensive textbooks. Because Intellus Learning’s resources can be shared easily through the school’s LMS, students can quickly and easily access assigned resources.

Intellus Learning Benefits - Students
Institutions and Systems

By enabling faculty to easily find and deliver high-quality OER and affordable resources, Intellus Learning can assist institutions in launching and scaling affordability initiatives that help save their students money by making affordable content more readily available.

Intellus Learning Benefits - Institutions

With Intellus Learning, assigning free and affordable content to supplement or replace traditional textbooks has never been easier. Faculty no longer have to scour endless web pages or library sites to find course content. The Intellus Learning platform enables quick discovery of OER and affordable courses, and all are tagged with licensing rights and ADA compliance data.

We work with partners that care

Whether it’s providing free resources and low-cost courses to faculty to keep costs down for students or helping institutions scale their affordability initiatives with our hallmark search and analytics tools, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality, accessible and affordable solutions to every student — and we’re proud to work with partners that are doing the same.